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    • Détonateurs Electriques

      Détonateurs électriques -


      All electric detonators are specially designed to provide the precise control necessary to produce accurate and consistent blasting results.


      - High initiation strength – 720 mg PETN or RDX base charge ensuring reliable initiation of call cap sensitive explosives.
      - Detonator shell design reduces the possibility of any mechanical damages as well as water hammer effect.
      - High level safety features due to an antistatic sleeve surrounding the fusehead with safeguarding spark gap.
      - Protected primary charge enclosed inside heavy duty steel delay element.
      - Superior fusehead design unmatched for reliability.
      - Excellent water resistance is provided by triple crimping.
      - Reliability over wide temperature range.
      - High compatibility with all blasting machines types.
      - Marking by means of an identification tag fastened to the leg wire.
      - High quality packaging in a strict conformity with the International Agreement of Road, Train, Sea and Air transport.
      - Excellent storage characteristics and easy handling.

      Standard Delay Ranges
      Delay Range No. of delays Delay interval Insulation Color Shell Material


      - 0 ms Red Aluminium

      Instantaneous permissible

      - 0 ms Red Copper


      30 25 and 50 ms Yellow Aluminium

      Millisecond permissible

      16 30 ms Yellow Copper

      80 ms / 250 ms

      30 80 and 50 ms Red Aluminium

      Quarter second

      21 250 ms Green Aluminium

      Half second

      12 500 ms Blue Aluminium

      Standard Sensitivity Groups Group I Group II Group III Group IV

      No Fire current

      0.18 A 0.45 A 1.2 A 4.0 A

      No Fire Impulsive

      0.8 mJ/Ω 8 mJ/Ω 80 mJ/Ω 1.1 J/Ω

      Firing Current

      ≥ 1 A ≥ 1.5 A ≥ 3.5 A ≥ 25 A

      Firing Impulsive

      ≥ 3.0 mJ/Ω ≥ 16 mJ/Ω ≥ 140 mJ/Ω ≥ 2.5 J/Ω

      Standard Wire Insulation Color

      White Yellow Pink Brown

      One of the special features of Group III and IV detonators is higher resistance against unintentional initiation by foreign sources of electric energy (stray currents, electrostatic discharge, radio or radar waves, atmospheric discharges). Group III detonators are especially suitable for blasting in residential areas. Group IV detonators are used in blasting operations with highest risk of unintentional initiation (high voltage lines, railway corridors, etc.) Detonators of all groups are suitable for standard blasting operations.


      Detonators must be stored in an approved magazine located to conform to state and local laws and regulations. The storage place should be well built, well air-conditioned, clean, dry, fire resistant and securely locked when not in use. Detonators should never be stored in the same magazine with other explosives.

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